4 hours with dr. Joserizal Jurnalis Sp.OT

crew of SKI Asy Syifa and dr. Joserizal Jurnalis, Sp.OT
Crew of SKI ASy Syifa and dr. Joserizal Jurnalis, Sp.OT

Centra of Spirituality of Islam (SKI) Asy-Syifa, School Of medicine, The university of Mataram held an event entitled “How To be the great doctor” which invited dr. Joserizal Jurnalis, Sp.OT –the founder of MER-C (Medical Emergency Rescue Committe)- as the speaker. This event was made by SKI organization aiming for upgrading the spirit of islam especially for medical student and CO-ass as the next doctor and the lecturer as the teacher who will guide the next doctor generation. In this event, the speaker explained how great the islam law is, because islam has explained and gave us a guideline for all of the problem in wholly aspect such as marriage, education, law, war, profesion, economics, medicine, science, etc that’s why we have to proud to be islam. In addition he described the islam problem today, deterioration of islam ummah, this problem occurs because each muslim keep away from the islam itself, each of them busy with his/her bussiness/duty without implemented the islam law in his/her life and this problem resulting as the misusage of position in goverment, corruption, and the other disgrace deed (naudzubillahi min dzalik).
Because of that, we all, as the muslim should back into Al-quran and Sunnah for the renaisscane of brightness islam in this world, just remember islam is rahmatan lil alamin. There was a statement that i like, He said that “to be a doctor is important but to be the MUSLIM doctor is more important” because if we are to be a muslim doctor, our dedication, our activity, our effort for helping people just as a mean to act as devotion to The Universe Creator-Allah SWT so that it can be reflexed in ikhlas feeling and insya Allah, perfectness of the result.


Dr. Joserizal also explained the enemy of islam nowaday, the black propaganda by israel zionism. So, he announced that we should aware and think clearly before deciding something. He also added the other problem of islam ummah nowadays, it was-disunion of muslim around the world- that’s why, he emphasized for muslim dont be busy for the small problem such as the difference of point of view in each mahzab, organization, in group etc because each mahzab, organization has each opinion that has a proven base in Al-quran and hadist (an exception is the liberal group-i think it was formed from zionism support).
In conclusion, in this event, speaker opened the audience’s mind for think forward in identifying of muslim problem and how to solve it.

The last, i just wanna say for all muslim around the world…. Let’s Change, Let’s Prepare ourselves to be the best,to be the great, to be the intelligent, to be the smart muslim for the next brighter islam. Amin.


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