Hello world… do you hear me??
Hufft, in this Sunday holiday… i just sat on the floor without doing anything. Yeah, just searching and keep searching all the times, ignoring the the mountain of dishes that have not been cleand, and of course, soiled clothes. Haha.. :D. But it’s OK, because i just want for finishing this 24 hours-time based modem :p
By the way talking about searching, i’m not sure why i always browse about the foreign scholarship, undergraduate exchange proggramme, and something like it. Huft, maybe it comes because my obsession to be there (hmm.. completely my obsession since i failed for the Exchange programme student when i was in senior high, you know… I almost GOT it, just in 2nd grade from the winner.Yeah almost, what a lame, isn’t it?).
I wonder to there because it is my dream, yeah one of my dreams of course. Just Feel that my heart beat faster than i realized when i read about them who r in there or ever in there.
I have a dreams when i was a child, that I, Siti Humairah, promise someday, i’ll go there, and prove it.. Amin…
We only can try harder, but Allah who knows better.. 


4 thoughts on “untitled

  1. Dian says:

    yes you will be there. write about it, put some picture about the place you want to visit. and you’ll be amazed that someday you’re really there.. 🙂

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