Radiology Department : Thanks To

Hi people! It is April already! it feels just yesterday I’m having my clinical stage at Radiology Department and now is April Aready?! Hmm… i thought that time is getting runner than I guessed. Hm… Well, let’s start the post ! As I told you before in my latest post that alhamdulillah, i have been blessed by taking in the first round of my clinical rotation. From what happen that day, i’ve proved it in myself when The Almighty God said kun.. Fayakun.

Well, actually now i want to posted about my four incredible weeks (LOL, is it alay to use incredible? :D). It feels like you are getting in a new school with the new people around you and you dont know what to do! Yeah, because it was my first time. So the most ( I swear this is the most often question given to me and my friend as a new CoAss) question people asked is “ How’s your feeling ?” and I always answer it with “Alhamdulillah, it’s well”. But in the few days before i leave the department, it is NOT WELL friend.. it’s NOT SO WELL. I thought, i have been tied with family-like relation in this department. They are all so good to me and the other CoAss. I’ve almost cried in my last day. To them, who were being kind at me mbak wati, mbok nengah, mbak ayu, mbak uci, mbak dayu, mbak ria, mas ardi, mas khun, mas alim, mas reza, mamiq rosihan, pak ketut, pak lan, i would deliver my big regards and my huge thanks. Thanks a lot for the day, for the experience, for the praise, for the laugh, for the warn, for the greet and all of precious moment you all have given to me !.

My blessful Depart Senior mbak dewi, k irfan, k ade, mb vera and mbak lili thanks a lot for your guidance to me who were still greeny. Kak Sapto and Kak Wiwit, my teammate… Hope we will be set up in one team again, i’d say a big thanks, thanks for the private Piano course, and a laugh. Mbak dian, mbak rani, mbak diah, mbak ina and mbak maya. Be a good junior okay? Hahaha i am just kidding, For All of you too, thanks a lot sistaa.. 😀

Too many thank you expression remind me for the preface in my thesis :D, of course you all deserve to got all of the thanks for everything all of you showed me. Hmm… you know, now i am thinking to make a documented file as a CoAss in Radiology depart. Just waiting for it okay.

Hug and Kiss
era 🙂


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