Anaesthetized at Department of Anesthesia and Reanimation

Hola… !
It’s kind weird you know.. For more thanWelcome to the world baby ! 1 month i dont have any time just to write a thing in this Blog. Well, You know why? because i’ve been anesthetized in one of clinical stage at the Hospital. Yup. It is in Department of Anesthesia and Reanimation. :D.

For more than 1 month too i’ve been tied in this -exhausted- department. In many documentation, from a story i’ve heard, from the article or from many posts i’ve searched, many CoAss tell me that Department Anaesthesia is the exhausted one. :D. Start from pre op examination, perioperative, or post operative, an anaestetist handle all of it. And of Course, CoAss as the future doctor have to do or learn what they should done and have to understand why they should done. Sometimes we were very exhausted due to an hectic schedule till we got “error” :D. And it would be a bad news for them who got the “special” doctor as the examiner.

But Out of all my complaint above i have found many interesting and amazing experience, know someone new, learn about the type of patient or even help them who are being operated to be comfortable and make sure they are in a stabil condition.

It is a amazing experience when you holding a mommy -wanna be- hands during her crucial time. Yup. To gave birth time is the most touched thing i’ve ever seen. i could see the mom’s struggle to bring her child in this world. Although the mom was operated by Sectio Caesarea technique, i can see their exhausted and spirit to do everything to bring her child alive. Sometimes they yelled, cried, smiled, or even just quite to express their pain. And sometimes i wipe off their hair that has been wet because the sweat.
It must be exhausted, right mom?

And when the baby is crying. I Smiled.. a big one..

Hey Litle Boy.. Congratz.. come to this world.. ! Don’t be a bad boy okay.. 😀

Ah.. what a relieve..!

And.. between the quite of the operation room.
Over there, beside the room… i can still hear an adzan from the daddy of that baby. Oh.. so touched.

We, as a CoAss too have to spent many of our time at hospital, not even touch a pillow for more 36 hours, has to ready when there are cito operation and do the pre operation examination, wake up in the middle of night for a call, walking in the hospital in the sleeping time, and feel how cold the night wind. Yeah, I have ever done all of them. But i love it, i was happy because i have “sacrified” myself for a good thing.

Sometimes too, i just feel want to cry, when i see a small baby, a 3 days old baby has to be operated because her tumour at her brain.

Oh dear, you are such too small. You have to be strong okay ? I whispered

I wanna see your smile when you have grow old.  I added.

Yeah… I have been anaesthetized at this department, anaesthetized of time, of heart, and physics. But all of them have been paid with the amazing experience i got.

Mataram, Just 9 hours to go for Forensic stage
“Ganbatte !”


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