Forensic is not only cadaver !

Well… i thought i am one of bad blogger :D. How could i called myself as blogger, this blog has been abandoned by the author. 😀 Haha… I am so sorry :).  it thought i was missing inspiration in write something interest in this blog :). So, to make it look easier, just let me tell you a stories about one of my clinical stage. It is Forensic Stage.

What will come into your mind when someone talked about forensic? is it the police? the murder? the corpse? visum at repertum? physical violent? or a detective?. Well, forensic medicine (in my definition, believe me, it is not from the original definition ! :D) is a branch of medicine that studied about the corpse, cause of death, mechanism of death, and anything related about this thing. If you studied it deeper, a clinician especially forensic doctor would know about cause of death, mechanism of death just only from the mark on the corpse. You know, that te corpse itself could tell you, how did he die, what time, when and where he died by gives us the mark on her/his body. So, if you were the murder and you were lies, you could easily captured if the thing what you say incoherent with the corpse. Got You !. 🙂

But, i will not write about this, it is the police matter, there is no relation with the clinician. We, Co-Ass observing by the Consulent, just do examine the corpse by not giving our subjective opinion about the corpse. We, just examine and report the objective sign that we found out in the corpse by external examination. is there any sign of physical violent? sign of drowning? Wound around the vital area such as head, chest or abdomen?. Sometimes, doctor with permission from police department, would do an autopsy to found out the other marks on the corpse’s body to reveal what did actually happen before the the corpse died.

Besides all of the stuff above, the important thing that i learnt now that:

Everyone – are they gray old, green young, a beautiful one, or not beautiful, from rich family even poor, Indonesian or even foreigner- as the time goes, would face, what we called as death.

You know, our last clothes not came from  a gold skirt and exclusive coat, but only a sheet of kafan (white-uniform colour material) that covers all of your body. So, the important question now is,

Have you prepared for the death itself?

Of course, it is a very complicate question, and even, we, human would not even dare to answer the question. Well, that’s why, we should remember everything that we do for the sake of Allah, and we do everything always remember Allah, so of course it will be counted as reward. Have you taken a five prayer all day? is it on time? did you follow well what Rasulallah do (sunnah)? did you act good and nice to your mother and father? and to all of your your brothers and sisters? :). Answer it, in your mind.. 🙂 Have we?

Well, by taking the forensic stage, now i will not fright for face the corpse :).
Really, want to deliver my highest thankfull to all of my teacher in Department of Forensic Medicine at Sanglah Hospital Bali, dr. Alit, Sp.Kf, dr. Dudut, Sp.F, dr. Kunthi Sp.KF, dr. henky, Sp.F, bli-bli and mbok-mbok admin, mbak Intan, the kindness one :), Gede, momo, sangkari, adit, and the other FK-unud’s friend there… Really thank you for being kind for us, who as guest to your hospital. Hopefully, we’ll meet again someday.. 🙂

Cheers ^^

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