Kristin and Kayla : I am your fans!

Few days earlier, i found out an interesting photo at pinterest website. In the first time i saw it, i just laughed and wow ! i loved the concept of the photographer taking the kids with a very natural smile. After i goggled it, the models in the picture were a sister, Kristin and Kayla and the photographer was their dad !. I loved ย how their dad made them smile and laugh naturally. Although there were points was photoshopped, just love what their dad had done, very creative !. Just a very great idea ever !. It mades me realize that, even our closest family member could be a great models to a photographer. ๐Ÿ˜€ Let’s check these cute photos.. ๐Ÿ™‚
281821_176123715792770_445395_n 3978918007_bb69a8e97f_o 4404997632_f9ca800909_o 4440985228_633d5e784e_o 5053080308_45d435b233_o 5123975485_9a0d888515_o 5205457386_ff96fcbfae_o 5646519498_36e17415b4_o 5700004400_f580a43d9d_o 5812532295_7bec01ca0b_o 6396902289_60ec65ea04_o 6932473245_7f6bd6e440_o 6987271317_a628f747d2_o 7095541677_a99048e875_o 8051440170_d2025ec4de_o jasonlee6 jasonlee7 jasonlee9 jasonlee20 jasonlee (1) jwiphoto kidsphotography0 kidsphotography3 kidsphotography4You know what? i really want to pinch their cheeks… Hey 2K… I am your fans ๐Ÿ™‚



*All of these images i got from kristin and kayla’s photo journal


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