Improving Economic Strength of Eastern Indonesia Region through Tourism : Reducing The Impact of Migrant worker : Lombok Cases.

His body slumped on the bed, showing  a small torso and limbs that just wrapped by dark skin. His teeth are small and rarely seen growing from the oral cavity  when  moaning weakly. Yes , he is one of malnourished patients who are currently in treatment . Who will see it for sure will cry or may be asked in surprise ” What’s going on ? How could he suffer malnutrition ? Where are his parents ? . He is Zainul , one malnourished patients who were treated at pediatric ward in one of general hospital in West Nusa Tenggara Province. As a Koass or as a clerkship doctor, I and my friendhave a duty to follow up on all patients and carrying out instructions from the pediatrician and general practitioner . Sometimes I can not bear to measure his weight everyday because the length of the body that do not conform to the length of scales, which is lead to end of his body fall . His legs were too long so if we folded , his head will fall to the back, whereas if the head is lowered down , his legs would fall off. He sometime cries weakly with an empty gaze to us. Of course, poor nutrition is not just a health problem. It encompasses all the problems that exist in society. The parents’s role as for care and raise children does not met because the parents shoul work for  living family. For the people of West Nusa Tenggara , as many as 68,000 residents is a migrant worker.1 Among them, there are many parents parents who left their family, because of that the role moved into to grandmother . There are so many children in Lombok who became ” papuq’s child ” or a child who was raised by a grandmother. Grandmother who does not know to read – to write due to low education would impact on the growth and development of the education of her granchildren just like Zainul’s case.

In my Opinion, Economic, health and education should not be separated. They are an interconnected unity. When econimic status is low, so both Health and education will poor too. It will lead the person not having a good education and health problems. Improvement of economy, health and education status will create an  healthy, intelligent and well-established generation. From the above case, it could be prevented if parents who have a greater affection for children as well as being able to raise and to assess of growth and development. If only his parents work in their own areas of course they can raise a child . Malnourished patients is not a disease after being given therapy will heal quickly. It is a complex issue that must be handled through several stages ranging from the handling of hypoglycemia, hypothermia and dehydration, followed infection prevention, nutrition grows chase, micronutrient provision, maintenance grew chase, stimulation and follow-up. Complications if not treated quickly will affect the development of patient intelligence . Could you think of, a child as a candidate for the next generation is not smart enough to lead the nation ?.

Indonesia is rich for its Natural resources. The God ‘s given should be used for improving the community economy. In the eastern region of Indonesia, West Nusa Tenggara, especially Lombok Islan is opened to increase in tourism sector. Land clearing and looking for investors to open a regional tourism will provide variety of jobs for the people of Lombok . The beauty of Lombok is the main attraction of West Nusa Tenggara’s tourism. Hundreds of Gilis  (small islands) located in Lombok, beauty traditional fabric, virgin beaches, beautiful waterfalls, combined with the beauty of the Rinjani’s Mountain landscape supported by a wealth of cultural fusion between the Sasak and Bali, harmony between Islam and Hinduism , and other religions would be a great modality of economic improvement in West Nusa Tenggara.

Development of tourism in the eastern Indonesian region especially West Nusa Tenggara area would be possible if the goverment can establish cooperation, the promotion of tourism, infrastructure development in the areas of tourism without losing its local cultural wisdom . This can be achieved by :

  1. Improving the quality of local products such as Banyumulek’s pottery, Labuapi’s mask, improving in pearls farming, by providing education and training to local artisans. It can also be expanded with the empowerment of local communities by providing skills in order to earn money to continue their life .
  2. Increasing tourism facilities and existing infrastructure so that more tourists will visit and increasing opportunities for people around it.
  3. Land clearing tourism by an effective the green spatial planning.
  4.  As well as increasing levels of tourism regional security.

Based on The APEC Tourism Charter, endorsed at the 1st Tourism Ministerial Meeting in Korea in 2000, reflects a collective commitment to improve the economic, cultural, social and environmental well-being of APEC member economies through tourism. It establishes four key policy goals and an agreed process for realising these aims:2

  1. Removal of impediments to tourism business and investment
  2. Increase mobility of visitors and demand for tourism goods and services
  3. Sustainable management of tourism outcomes and impacts
  4. Enhance recognition and understanding of tourism as a vehicle for economic and social development

Of course all of this can be realized if all levels of society, policy makers, goverment, bussiness leaders sit together and resolve the existing problems. Hereby, APEC Business Advisory Council  (ABAC) as a permanent high-level business advisory group was established in a realization that APEC policies affect wide range of business issues from trade and investment liberalization, labor mobility, etc provides the platform for communication to APEC Leaders or governments.3 So, I really hope with the increasing in the number of jobs available,  the number of local workers can become economic actors in their own area without sacrificing growth, development and education of their children. At least, with the development of tourism in West Nusa Tenggara, especially Lombok, the economic level of the community can be improved so that the vicious circle between economic, education and health can be cut down.


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