Let It Grow

Couple weeks ago, I went to the Flower Nursery in Banyumulek Region, West Lombok Regency. It is only fifteen minutes from Mataram. Initially,  I visited pottery craft center but ended up in 2 hectare flower park. It was my first time to visit such place.DSC00314


I was really happy. I have never been walking in the huge park before, smelling the flower scent and enjoying the colorful color of various kind of flower. You could find various kind of plants here. They are flower, herb, fruit, palm, and grass. But of course, it is dominated by flower.  I was so shock because the price for a small rose with its bright petal only Rp.3.500 (it was so cheap I thought!). I wonder my house was built in Mataram, and then I could buy these entire flowers.



When I was in elementary school’s age, I ever read about Krisan flower (Chrysanthemums p) and i fall in love with its dazzling petal’s color between its huge green leaves. Simply, I decided to buy it and took it to my dormitory. My choice ended to a purple with tiny petal. As I grab my choice, the owner taught me how to raise it well (just imagine raise a baby LOL ) and everything to make sure that the flower grow nicely.



Finally, I arrived at my dormitory and took indoor for 2 days. But unfortunately it seemed wilted maybe due to lack of sunlight. Then, I took it to outdoor and the brightness came back. And just the couple next days I saw a green tiny sprout around the stem. I was so happy
Let it grow

Let it grow

Show to the world how beautiful you are



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